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Animate your Premium Ad

Stand out more by adding animation and movement to your Premium or POW Ad. Upgrade to a Premium Plus or POW+ (gif) format to grab that added attention.

What’s included with your Animated Ad? 

  • Free animation design for a new ad or to your current premium ad

  • Available to be added to school term or 6, or 12 month premium campaigns

  • Professional recommendations on how best to and movement and animation to your ad.

Make your ad animated today for as little as $100 per school term ($400 per year). Speak to our professional team of Consultants to discuss your options and get a quote.

Terms & Conditions: Animated ads are $100 per term or $400 per year on top of each selected school advertising charge. Animations can only be applied to POW and Premium ads. Animation upgrades can be provided for your current ad and will be charged at $100 per term or $400 per year for your remaining campaign period. If supplying your own artwork please view our premium ad and animated ad specs here. Available for current and new advertising businesses. Not available on paper newsletters. No further discounts or package prices apply. Mid-campaign artwork changes are available (subject to Austnews Advertising artwork change pricing structure); mid-campaign animation artwork changes are available and will be charged at $100 per term or $400 per year per ad per school. 



12 months animation upgrade

Available on Premium Ads only

Minimum 1 School Term Campaign

Free Graphic Design

Animation UPGRADE

Animated Sample Ads

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