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School Newsletter Advertising

Connecting School Communities

Does your Business target School Communities?

School Newsletter Advertising will reach your target audience and give you repeated exposure at an affordable price.

We are a team of professional Advertising Consultants, Graphic Designers, School Teachers and Digital Technicians creating digital communication tools for Australian Schools. Choosing to advertise on a selected school newsletter allows schools to utilise those tools for free. Therefore, creating a direct connection between the school, their community and the home. 

Why School Newsletter Advertising?

  • Target your audience of parents, families, business owners, companies and other community members associated with your local school and the teaching, learning and education industry. No other platform can reach this audience as directly as us.

  • School Newsletter Advertising per school term costs as little as $180.00 inc GST per campaign.

  • Choosing to advertise in local school newsletters (digital or printed) allows the school to continue their current format for free.

  • Each advertising campaign includes free graphic design services for a professionally finished image.

  • Work with a professional Advertising Consultant to customise and build your campaign to suit your budget and needs.

  • Link your digital ad to your website, landing page, social media platform or email address.

  • Receive a free subscription to the Austnews Advertising eFlash messages which include promotions, free offers, advertising tips and more.

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